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The brand YOON is only the latest creation in the long history of the Mancini family, a widely recognized legacy of fashion manufacturers.

In over 50 years and already at the 3rd generation, the Mancinis have built a strong name in the landscape of high-profile fashion designers, working from a small town in center Italy to reach out to the fastest-growing international markets of  East Europe, the far East and the US, while ever strengthening their position in the Old Continent.

Having built their reputation around a stark made in Italy know-how, the Mancinis exclusively employ Italian craftsmanship and high-quality Italian fabrics, in order to deliver elegant, fashionable creations, with a unique design that epitomizes Italians’ natural talent for styling.

Spearheads in the Mancini family’s quiver right now is YOON. YOON is an international brand selling its hand-crafted elegance all over the world thanks to fine yarns and ecological, highly-innovative fibers. Acquired a few years back to enhance the firm’s presence in the casual-chic market, YOON has so far awarded the company with great visibility at international fairs such as Pitti Uomo in Florence and Premium Exhibition in Berlin.

Today the Mancinis look to expand their business in new foreign markets, confident that the quality of raw materials and the exclusiveness of their style will never cease to fascinate customers all over the globe.


The YOON brand is manufactured and distributed by LOM Fashion s.r.l. in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. YOON is a well established feature in some of the most relevant international fashion exhibitions, such as PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO in Florence and PREMIUM EXHIBITION in Berlin.

Unmistakable wardrobe passe-partout, YOON's style is the third millennium lifestyle. It's for those who care about Made in Italy quality, who choose to stand out with elegance and style. YOON intelligently ties modern fashion and vintage nuances, hi-tech and nature, "city" and "British".

Dry, clean outlines to fit a dynamic day-to-day life. Past and future combine into a synthesis of exceptional comfort and style.

Materials and fabrics are all extremely comfortable, light but warm and protective for new tactile sensations.

The collection is also highly flexible, with practical models characterized by well-though details. Noble fabrics marry new fibres, intangible and stretchy.

YOON: a brand for modern elegance.